Transform content into shoppable journeys with our AI-driven retail media platform

Making it easy for consumers to use their second screen to shop from the TV shows they love

Finally, a scalable, non-disruptive shoppable TV solution powered by AIFinally, a scalable, non-disruptive shoppable TV solution powered by AI

Finally, a scalable, non-disruptive shoppable TV solution powered by AI

Shopsense’s AI-driven patent-pending retail media platform enhances the consumer shopping journey by activating their second screen device—allowing them to lean back, browse and shop curated storefronts connected to the content they love—all without interrupting the viewing experience.

Shoppable moments in content-curated storefronts inspired by the most popular shows, movies, sporting events, live broadcasts and more

Access to hundreds of millions of products from an endless selection of retailers and brands featuring products across luxury, fashion, sporting goods, home decor, beauty and others

A fully branded, safe and secure shopping experience inside the broadcaster's app environment

Revolutionizing retail experiencesRevolutionizing retail experiences

Revolutionizing retail experiences

The power of Shopsense’s patent-pending technology and AI-driven platform is revolutionizing the retail experience—making it smart, savvy and seamless.

By analyzing hundreds of millions of shoppable SKUs, inspired by the most popular linear and streaming content from shows, movies, sports and more, broadcasters can deliver an endless selection of shoppable products and merchandise right into the hands of the viewer. 

A low-lift, no SDK integration of the Shopsense platform gives broadcasters the power to transform shopping journeys.

Unlock incremental revenue with retail media—the fastest growing advertising segment in the U.S.

Turn popular original and licensed content into instant shoppable journeys

Create a content-driven walled garden where consumers can view, browse and shop within the branded ecosystem

Activate the second screen—which nearly 9 out of 10 Americans use—for immediate access to shoppable content at their fingertips

Collaborate with brands to quickly launch sponsored collections and innovative full-funnel marketing activations

What Shopsense AI delivers

Low-lift integration

A low-lift, no SDK integration that enables Broadcasters to be up and running within days

Service & Support

White glove onboarding service and support

Innovative retail media

A retail media platform solution fueled by innovation and automation with incredible scale and reach

Insights & Analytics

Data insights into the consumer journey from inspiration to point of purchase.

The Shopsense AI retail revolution is underway.

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